Harley Davidson Push Rod Adjustment Tips

This procedure is not normally in a service manual but instructions usually come with new adjustable push rods.

Measurements in inches not millimeters.

BrandThreads Per Inch
Harley Davidson32
Screamin’ Eagle32
S&S Cycle32
Jim’s Pro-Lite24
Jim’s Slim32
Andrews28, 32
Crane24, 28
Rivera Taper-Lite40

You can check them with a thread gauge if unsure.

Harley Davidson  and most aftermarket replacement hydraulic lifters ( “hydro-solids” are different ) require a preload of .100 +/- .010.

Note: Stock Evolution has fixed hydraulics and can be modified to use adjustable push rods if a cam is changed.

Hex nuts have 6 flats per turn or revolution.

If you want to depress the hydraulic unit .100 and the thread pitch  is 40 per inch ( just like a micrometer) that would need 4 full turns or 24 flats.  For 24 threads you would turn 15 flats to get a preload of .1042

28 threads turn 17 flats to get a preload of .1011
32 threads turn 18 flats to get a preload of .0937
36 threads turn 21 flats to get a preload of .0965
40 threads turn 24 flats to get a preload of .1000

Start with the front exhaust with lifter at the low point off of the cam lobe. Make sure you can turn each push-rod with your fingers before you turn the engine over to move to the next shortest push rod, repeat process